A multi-domain web hosting provider allows you to host multiple domains on the same account. Having only one web hosting plan, but hosting multiple websites, allows you to save a lot of money.

In additional to cost-saving, multiple domain hosting also gives you the ability to manage all the web hosting features and services for each individual website via a centralized control panel.

What does it mean?

This means all domains are hosted in one account, so don’t purchase accounts. With this arrangement, a single hosting plan can hold multiple websites.

You can also manage all the features and services associated with each individual website from a centralized control panel, in addition to saving money with multiple domain hosting.

The Result:

Therefore, you will not buy separate accounts for domains since you can host them with your provider. The cost of having one single hosting plan can be reduced.

When managing multiple domains, the centralized control panel also lets you manage each site’s features and services simultaneously.

Multidomain Hosting – What are the basics?  

Multi-domain hosting is handled differently by each host. Hosting an unlimited number of domains is common on some providers’ plans. If you upgrade your account, you might have a limited number of services.  

Besides choosing the web host that can handle domains you need, some other features to look out for are:  

  • Ability to add a variety of IP addresses
  • Your domains can have unlimited email accounts
  • Using cPanel to manage domains that are addons
  • You can use cPanel or another beginner-friendly control panel
  • Subdomains for existing domains
  • An alias for websites that point to multiple URLs
  • Online sellers can choose between free and paid SSL certificates

Is there anything else I should consider?  

Consider how many sites you will build when choosing the best host provider.  

It’s significantly easier to secure dozens of domain names than creating websites for every single domain name that you own.



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